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If I were a business, I would want to make sure I dipped my toe in both waters to make sure you are not left out on the sideline if something dramatic happens in the industry.

The first and most obvious difference between the approach proposed here and KGR is one scope.

It fills our heads with loose ends, which makes the problem worse!

The basics of the collision detection in Quake III Arena will be outlined to acquire a better understanding of what convex for navigation actually means. This does not cover all the possible reachabilities between areas, but as will be shown later on, calculating other reachabilities is sometimes more complex, but definitely possible.

The advantage of this paradigm lies in its simplicity, which accounts for its popularity.

One mapping algorithm, known as occupancy grid maps developed by Elfes and Moravec in the mid-Eighties [32, 69], has enjoyed enormous popularity.

The occupancy grid mapping algorithm enjoys the reputation of being extremely robust and easy to implement, which has contributed to its popularity.

We find that our approach performs favorably when compared to the extended Kalman filter solution from which it is derived.