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Swimming pool

Time limit = 3 second(s)

Somewhere in the world exists a room (rectangular one). Mr. Z wants to place a swimming pool. He is fond of perfect forms so he wants the pool to be a perfect circle. The larger the pool, the happier Z will be. You are to find the most suitable place for the pool (the largest one). The only problem is that room is not empty (there are some columns there), but the pool should be solid.

Input. First line: N — the number of columns in the room (0 ≤ N ≤ 1000).
Second line: three real numbers R — radius of each column, MX, MY — the dimensions of the room.
The next N lines contain the coordinates of each column according to the top left corner of the room.

Output. First line: maximum possible radius of a pool
Second line: coordinates of the center

All the numbers should have 5 right decimal digits for floating part.

5 100 100
55 55

30.14719 30.14719

folklore, description and tests by Vladimir Chelnokov
1 may 2005

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