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Murder of mister C

Time limit = 5

Some morning, after Mr. B woke up, he decided to murder Mr. S. Mr. S. has the system of undergroud bunkers. B. knows the map of bunker locations and connections between them. To be secure, Mr. C. has to change his location — every hour he moves to one of neighbour bunkers.

Mr. B. attacks one of the bunkers every hour. But handsome workers of S. repairs the bunker immediately after its being attacked. You need to determine, given the map of bunkers, could Mr. B. manage to develop the attack plan to get rid of S. I.e. according to this plan there will come an hour, when Mr. S. will be in the attacking bunker, not depending on where was he at the start of attacks.

Input The first line contains the number of bunkers.

In the following lines passageways description is given. Each line contains two number — identificators of two bunkers connected with passageway. Identificators are numbers 1,2, ... N. List of passageways ends with two zeros. N ≤ 10 000. Passageways in input are not repeated.

Output Your program should output one line with word 'KILLED' or 'ESCAPED'.

1 2
2 3
1 3
0 0


Eugene Barsky

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